• UCPA Sport Access (Union des Centres Sportifs de Plein Air) is a nonprofit French organization that provides outdoor sports holidays for young people around the world. For over 45 years, UCPA has been associated with government bodies, sports federations and youth associations. They provide training and support for their sporting activity leaders and about 250,000 young people travel with UCPA each year to over 200 destinations.
  • With more than a dozen requests per day for one graphic designer to produce all the materials required by the organization, managing a quick turnaround time was very difficult.
  • Desygner solutions give their members fast access to create posters, flyers, social media banners and other promotional material for localization.

Marine Sitou-Bihonda

Communications Manager

“What I like best is that I can easily set up a template in Desygner and others can use it in minutes. It’s really easy how we share the designs and people are really happy and constantly ask for more.”


  • They have over 60 centers who had trouble understanding the brand guidelines of the company in order to update designs properly for their locations.
  • It was difficult for those who needed the designs the most to keep track of what was most up to date. The Creative Media team was struggling to communicate and fulfill the design needs of so many users.
  • They needed to find a way to service their centers around the world with less effort and time in order to work on more strategic goals for the company.

Solutions Delivered

  • With Desygner’s Brand Guidelines Enforcer, brand consistency is maintained. Every element on a template is able to be locked down or left editable. Members never need to worry if they are doing the right thing for the brand when they use these designs in their own locations.
  • The Power PDF Editor allows administrators to upload a PDF design into a Campaign and then automatically duplicate that design into a range of dimensions ready for print or social media. A whole range of templates are instantly available for further customization saving valuable time that can be spent on other projects.
  • As Desygner’s Corporate Marketing Hub is so easy to use and completely cloud-based, there is no need to buy special software and the learning curve is very low. Members of UPCA Sports Access were ready to create professional materials after a 30-minute training session provided by their Sales and Marketing teams.
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Supporting Global Strategy

By using the Desygner platform to create and quickly distribute their marketing materials, the Sales and Marketing teams have freed up their time for more strategic planning. Their main goal for the coming year is to spend less time with their centers and more time on the organization’s future.

Supporting Global Strategy

Ensuring Brand Consistency

As all templates are set with appropriate restrictions, UCPA’s members around the world are able to confidently re-use materials for their own locations. The brand and intended style of the materials are never compromised giving the Communications Manager peace of mind that her designs are used as intended.

Local area marketing

With Desygner’s Marketing Localization Engine, automatically resizing a design into a myriad of dimensions ready for print and social media is an enormous time-saving benefit for UCPA’s designers.

Local area marketing

About UCPA Sport Access

Nonprofit | 60+ centers | 3860+ employees | 1600+ trainees every year

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