Easily store, organize, manage and replace brand assets.

Digital Asset Management (DAM), collates every single asset you may need in your company from images, icons and fonts all the way to validated pieces of text.

Automatically replace license-expired imagery, compliance and disclaimer text blocks, colors and logos across all pre-made templates and designs.

 Easily store, organize, manage and replace brand assets.

Storage and asset control

  • Create and store branded templates (editable designs) and organize them into collections.
  • Give controlled access to specific user groups during limited periods of time.
  • Allow others to change text or swap out an image without modifying the original template.
  • Restrict parts of the template to ensure brand and message consistency.
  • Store and allow other users to store designs created using your templates.
Brand Guidelines Enforcer
Storage and asset control

Centralized digital asset management

  • Enterprise-wide, multi-department and multi-location centralized digital asset manager.
  • Provide the most up-to-date images, logos, vectors and videos, easily and to anyone.
  • Provide default verified text that can be used to produce branded content.
  • Organize assets into folders and access them from the online editor.
  • Provide editable designs with restricted elements for brand consistency and control.
Centralized digital asset management

Distribute with control

Allow other users to access your digital assets as is, or transform them into branded templates to gain full control on how they are utilized, ensuring that:

  • Images are always watermarked.
  • Content licenses are followed.
  • No outdated company information is used.
  • Assets are used in the context they were intended for.
  • Contextual content is correct. For example, prices cannot be set under the Recommended Retail Price, promotions are not extended, brand values are conveyed correctly.
Distribute with control

The old way

  • Digital assets are shared via links and folders with permissions and with no way to trigger propagation.
  • Once the file is downloaded there is no control over its utilization.
  • Limited brand kits storage of colors, logos and fonts.
The old way

The newest way

  • Users receive a notification when new editable templates are available.
  • Users receive a notification when the templates they created have been updated with new images, logos, colors and text.
  • Templates are used following the restrictions established by the admin.
The newest way

Digital assets managed at the user level

  • Provide anyone in your organization with an individual digital asset manager, so that they can store and organize their content.
  • Submit new items to the company asset manager for approval. For example, photos or footage taken at a local event, behind-the-scenes images from a local store, point-of-sale displays, client testimonials and many others.
  • Digital assets are now produced by anyone in your organisation, from the laptop or desktop to a mobile device.
The newest way

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