• Anne Arundel Medical Center is a regional health system headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland US, and serves an area of more than one million people. Founded in 1902, AAMC includes a 380-bed, nonprofit hospital, a medical group, imaging services, a substance use treatment center, and health enterprises.
  • The graphic design team and the center's 5,000 support staff were used to working with a cloud-based platform to store their marketing assets. They now have the ability to edit and share these assets in a much simpler and faster way and therefore reduce the number of requests coming into their designers.
  • Anne Arundel's marketing team now spends more time on other projects and creating a myriad of new designs to boost the center's public perception.

Nicole Neboshynsky

Creative Services Supervisor, Anne Arundel Medical Center

“Desygner gives the organization a platform to create and fulfill their needs for materials that was easy-to-use and quick for us to set up and update. This helped to increase the amount of materials created out of our department that were on-brand and cohesive. It’s great to give access to the entire organization, but keep brand and visual consistency.”


  • The marketing and graphic design department were inundated with requests for designs and adjustments to suit each center’s specific needs. They didn’t have the time or resources to develop all new materials requested by their centers and work on other projects.
  • They needed to provide an easy-to-use platform for non-designers to create their own materials based on the brand guidelines without the need of specialized complicated software.
  • They needed to ensure that the materials created by the design and marketing department were readily available from an easy-to-use digital asset manager.

Solutions Delivered

  • Desygner’s Corpotate Marketing Hub templates and online editor are always ready to use by the entire organization.
  • With the Brand Guidelines Enforcer, users edit only what administrators allow them to whilst maintaining brand consistency.
  • Desygner is user-friendly and logical to understand even without prior design knowledge. All support staff members were trained by the Anne Arundel marketing team. The engagement rate is incredibly high across all centers.
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Efficient marketing operations

The Anne Arundel organization is made up of many diverse groups who all use the brand assets for various purposes. The ability to create new templates and share them with appropriate team members reduces the amount of new design requests, saving time for both requestors and designers alike.

Efficient marketing operations

Boosting brand trust

By using the Desygner platform, Anne Arundel’s design and marketing teams have been able to provide consistent, easy-to-read documentation for all their centers providing patients and visitors with a feeling of confidence in the professionalism of the organization.

Growing and managing the DAM

With almost unlimited storage space and ever improving features, Anne Arundel’s marketing team have the capacity to expand their library of assets. Their users are in awe of the cutting-edge technology of the Digital Asset Manager 3.0 and its integration to Desygner’s Corporate Marketing Hub.

Growing and managing the DAM

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