Easy and fast to set up

Upload images, logos, icons and fonts directly from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, or search for free images in Desygner.

Setup your Brand Library and all your assets will be available to use in the Design Editor for any template you create or edit.

Easy and fast to set up

There’s room for big images and videos

Desygner provides plenty of storage for high-quality images and videos. You can also save the links to your YouTube videos for use in any template. The platform is accessible from your PC or mobile device using the same login.

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There’s room for big images and videos

Storage with controlled access

  • Store templates (editable designs) and organise them into campaigns.
  • Give controlled access to certain user groups during certain periods of time.
  • Allow others to change text or swap out an image without modifying the original.
  • Restrict parts of the templates to ensure brand and message consistency.
  • Store and allow other users to store designs created using your templates.
  • Organise designs into folders.
Storage with controlled access

Ensure brand consistency and compliance

Allow other users to access your digital assets or transform them into branded templates. Control how they are utilized to ensure that:

  • Images are always watermarked.
  • Content licences are followed.
  • Files are shareable, downloadable or printable in a specific region.
  • No outdated company information is used.
  • Assets are used in the context they were intended for.
  • Textual content is not incorrect: e.g. prices are not under the RRP, promotions are not extended, brand values aren’t incorrectly conveyed.
Ensure brand consistency and compliance

Ready to build a brand library and try it out?

Start to upload your assets to your Brand Library and set all your brand colors and fonts so you can use them each time you open a design.